You may wonder why this 3D model is only suitable for the program CURA (free slicer from Ultimaker).


The most important thing about small RC model airplanes is the ratio of size to weight. The lighter the model, the better its flight characteristics. Its time in flight is also significantly increased.


As far as we know CURA is the only slicer with the ability to print single open areas due to its surface feature. This offers us far more possibilities regarding shape and optimizing weight in aircraft design. That is why we have chosen this route, which is particularly advantageous for larger models.

With our unique design process, we manage to make lightweight items in a real 1 wall printing process for the outer skin but also for the filling. So we reduce weight while maintaining the necessary stability.


Finding the right settings for your printer for perfect 1 wall printing is not that easy. That‘s why we‘ve developed a sample test to make this process easier for you. Please scroll down and download the file WINGTEST. This includes all the relevant challenges of our models in miniature, to safe time.


Please test using the profile P3_SURFACE until you have a visually perfect and solid component in your hands. Especially the factors retract (the smaller the better), nozzle temperature, fan and speed are essential for the success of an optimal 1 wall print.


Furthermore, absolutely no sub-extrusion must occur!

planeprint wingtest, fully 3d printed airplane

Info: since Cura 4.6 this warning comes after the first start. Please ignore it!

Here are some tips for printing


  • Before you do any profile settings activate a completely NEW CURA-Profile!


  • Measure the diameter of your filament in several places and enter the actual diameter in Cura. With that, we no longer have problems with sub-extrusion.


  • Before you begin to print and build everytime download the LATEST manual from our website!


  • To print an airplane only use a new, high quality PLA filament, we do not recommend any other material.


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